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There are many ways to help and many who need help. Let's start somewhere and make the world a little better while we have time.
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Bondeau, Haiti
Installing Solar Panel Arrays in Bondeau, Haiti
Cleaned and Inspected Septic Tank Systems
Well Cleaning Project
Gonaives, Haiti
Testing Water at Orphanage in Gonaives Haiti
Cleaned well and Tested Water Systems
Well Repair Project
Verrettes, Haiti
Installed Sink in St. Marie Madeline School for 100 students
Installed sink in the Dental Clinic
Water Pipe Project
Kabilash, Nepal
Installed 4,500 meters of Pipe for the Kabilash village
Built a Water Storage Tank in center of Village
Tested Public Water Sources and Scoped New Projects
And Particiapate in Making Change Happen
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Welcome to our new 2017 website. It's a big year for WFSV as we expand our efforts and grow our organization.
Nepal Phase II Underway

Our Nepal project is now in entering Phase II. After repairing the water system in Kabilash we are now assisting the locals as they install water lines to the lower part of the village.

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9 Boreholes in Bondeau

In November, Steve, Aimond and Water for Life drilled 9 boreholes in Bondeau. The results were not what we hoped - with the salt level being much higher than we had hoped. We are working on Plan-B.

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You can now visit our secure online store to make credit card donations. We gladly accept all size donations to our water projects. We are a 501(c)(3) tax deductible charity organization.

Our Focus See Our Results

Small Villages

We focus on small communities. Many of these communities have never enjoyed modern utility services. Introduction of reliable water services is often a life changing event for a community. Before the introduction of electricity or clean water, we first work with each community to ensure they are capable of maintaining a water system.


People are at the center of every effort we undertake. We listen, learn and then share our perspectives and experiences in hopes of helping the communities we work with. Each project, each set of problems, and each community are unique. We take a participatory approach and work along-side the communities. We pass on knowledge and skills of all levels which instills pride and ownership in the accomplishments.


Since our incorporation in 2012 most of our effort has been in Haiti where we cataloged 27 wells, tested 19 wells, repaired 3 wells, installed one new well and the next one is underway. We completed phase I of our project in Nepal and Phase II is in the works. We established partnerships including Food For The Poor Inc. We are very proud of our list of accomplishments to date.
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How We Do It

We take a common sense approach and apply lessons learned as quick as possible. No project is going to be perfect in settings like where we work. We must be flexible and be prepared to compensate for the unexpected. We work with locals, use local materials as much as possible and we design and scale our water systems based on the capabilities of the community we are helping.

Current Projects Read About Our Latest Results


We have been active in Haiti since 2009, and much more since the 2010 earthquake. We have cataloged wells, disinfected wells, repaired wells and installed new wells. We have also assisted with the installation of two solar arrays, repaired an electrical generator and constructed a pumphouse. We currently are in the last phase of a well construction project in Bondeau.


We built a spring box, concrete water tank and laid 1,500 meters of water pipe in Kabilash, Nepal. This surface water project routes water from a spring 1.6 miles down a mountain into the village of Kabilash. Phase II will include 1,100 meters more pipe to deliver the water to the lower village.


We have been active in Honduras for over 13 years working at Our Little Roses Family Ministries, an orphanage for girls. Rick and Cordella have lead mission teams to OLR where they perform lite construction projects and work with the girls in the home. This humanitarian effort is an excellent introduction to foreign service.

What We Have Accomplished in 5 Years See Our Results

Sustainable Solutions

Our sustainable solutions can sometimes be repairing a well and training the locals how to maintain the handpump. New installations are designed to be durable and repairable by the locals. Sustainable means we consider not only the materials we use but also the resources we are consuming. We calculate the capacity of the local water system and scale it appropriately so as not to stress the local hydrology.

Data Collection

We cataloged the location of 27 wells in Haiti. We sampled 19 wells and map enabled a geologic ans seismic fault map of Haiti. These are examples of how we collect, assemble and publish data we have. We create Google KML files when possible or we upload viewable PDF files to share our data as easily as possible. We also consider manuals and schematics as data that is highly valuable but not always easy to locate.


Our projects require months of planning and sometimes just a few days to execute. Experiences are the unplanned things you learn along the way. Running a non-profit in addition to doing the field work has offered lots of chances to gain a few experiences. Don't ever travel without a mosquito net. When you install faucets for the first time, people may have never owned drinking glasses. Always have more gasoline on-hand than you expect to need. Beware if they put ice in your drink. Some items (sand) cost more to transport than they cost to buy.


Partnershis are essential. We can't do everything ourselves and it doesn't serve anyone well if they become dependent on your help. We have been fortunate to partner with many individuals who: let us stay in their homes, helped transport our equipment, donated time-money-effort, companys donated equipment, offered advice and lessons from teir experiences. We are blessed to have had help from many people and organization to help start our non-profit and to achieve our successes.

Verifiable Results

A major component of our organization is making sure our efforts are verifiable. We document and publish a journal or blog describing our efforts. We publish numerous photos of our projects. We publish data and maps documenting our work to share with others working on similar efforts. Verifiable results are important in building trust with the people who support our efforts.

Long-term Vision

Our efforts are modest in size but the planning and analysis we incorporate is intended to make sure we have a long term impact on the communities we assist. Our long-term vision is to help each community be self sustaining by maintaing their own water system. We work with each community to design and implement a system suitbale for their needs, abilities and available resources.


Education is a major component on every one of our projects. Our project teams learn valuable lessons in the field from the communities they work with as well as sharing their knowledge. Water education includes sanitation, ygiene, conservation as well as responsible resource management. We have held open discusions around wells with people on how to preserve and protect the well, how to care for and clean the buckets used to fetch water and how to apply tiny amounts of chlorine to ensure water is safe to drink.

Technical Support

Technical support may seem to be the highest importance but it can onluy be applied after partnerships are formed, education is shared and a vision is decided upon. Technical expertise is what allows us to finally solve a problem after the problem is understood. Our organization is fortunate to have volunteers with a wide range of prefessional degrees, valuable experience and an incredible depth of experience.

Everything You Need to Make a Differnce!

We are a group of concerned scientists, hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers, GIS programmers, mappers, geomatic engineers, database programmers, project managers and technical writers who want to make a difference in today's struggling world. We feel called to help improve the horrible water conditions we have seen first-hand throughout the world.

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Having returned from Nepal where we completed Phase I of our Kabilash project, we are now offering thank you gifts in return for a donation towards phase II of our project. Our team brought back scarves, bags, coffee, tea and other items from Nepal. Visit the Pop-Up Store.
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