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Last Minute Preparations

After 6 months of planning we are in the final hours of preparing to leave for Nepal. We appreciate the support and encouragement from everyone. We raised fun
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Return to Kabilash Village

Day 4- The alarm went off at 5AM and the sky was already getting light. Not knowing exactly how the day would go, we packed all of our gear hoping we would be
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First Day in Kathmandu

The only thing certain about international travel is, there ain't nothin' certain. We made it through the maze. PBI on JetBlue to JFK, I was told to put my la
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1st Work Day in Aapchour

Day 5 - After a solid 6 hours sleep we got ready and met in the dining area of the hotel for breakfast at 6:30AM. The driver (Ramesh) had just arrived. We tal
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